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Ohio Valley Polyamory Network

Greetings all! I'm finding more and more people in the local (to…

Ohio Valley Polyamory Network

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Greetings all! I'm finding more and more people in the local (to Cincinnati) area interested in starting this group up again, so I'm creating a journal for networking purposes. I'd really like to see monthly socials, discussion groups, maybe a movie night or other activities going in our area. Not that I don't love my friends in Columbus, but it's a bit of a drive. :) So I'd like to create a complimentary group down here.

I'm going to the Poly Columbus meeting this Monday, and hope to have more ideas when I come back. In the meantime - welcome!

  • Bona Fortuna!

    So, I'm pretty far from Ohio but any endeavor to provide more support for poly and pagan folks is always a good thing so let me be the first to wish you good fortune in this.

    Just be patient and keep it going even in those times when it looks like no one is interested: it takes time for anything to get going and we're a rather specialized group of people, so give it extra time.
    • Re: Bona Fortuna!

      Thanks, hon. :) I'm all enthusiastic right now, which anyone who knows me can tell you is dangerous. ;) I've put out feelers on the yahoo group - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ohiovalleypoly/ for those interested, and I'm going to repost it to the live journal. Hoping I get this back up and running again.

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