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Ohio Valley Polyamory Network

Testing the waters...

Ohio Valley Polyamory Network

Testing the waters...

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(As posted to the yahoo group: http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/ohiovalley poly/ )

I was just looking through some of the first messages in this group, from back in 1999. It's been quite a journey since Mark and I found each other on the LovingMore message boards and said "Hey, we're
local! We should meet up!" and started the very informal gathering that became the Ohio Valley Polyamory Network (OVPN - http://ohiovalleypoly.150m.com/). Gods know I've gone through a lot of major transitions in the intervening years, as have many of you. As a group, we've gone from support and social meetings, to a poly woman's meeting only, to largely just existing as a virtual "neighborhood" and communicating in e-mail.
Recently (as in the past few years) I've gotten to know a number of people in the Columbus area who are poly (with cross-over among several groups and alternative communities) , as well as folks in the northeastern corner of the state (funny how much better acquainted one becomes with their state's geography when they're dating someone in the opposite corner...there were a LOT of Greyhound trips across the state until my mate moved down here). I've attended events and meetings (though not nearly as many as I'd like), and I've found that there are a number of people who are traveling all the way to Columbus (on a weeknight!) in order to attend meetings at polycolumbus. Their group is very active (and very friendly), with a schedule of meeting topics and social events that's pretty impressive (if I didn't work on Monday nights, I'd drive up a lot more often myself). Just take a look at what they have in store for 2009:
http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/polycolumb us/

Which has had me pondering...

If enough folks are willing to drive two hours to a meeting in the middle of the week...maybe it's time to try meeting a little closer to home again. It's been a long time since we've tried it, but I'm thinking it would be worth the effort, especially if we can try and put some of their ideas (like a schedule of topics) to use.

I've talked to Mark about this idea a few times (first in July when we ran into each other at Brushwood, and again in October), and he's all for seeing what we can do. And having considered long and hard (because having done this before, I know what kind of effort is involved), I've decided it's worth a try. But only if people are actually interested in meeting up.

So, I'm looking for feedback.
Would you be interested in a monthly support group that meets in real-time, like they have going in Columbus?
Would you be interested in trying to put together monthly social outings to various places around town (and around town, I'm thinking of alternating between Cincinnati and closer to Dayton, and possibly
Northern Kentucky...depending on where people live).

If we have enough interest...I' ll start scouting sites. :)


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